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When I run the WLST .sh script to set the env as follows why can't I see the updated path when I do echo?

[linbox2 bin]$ ./ 


Your environment has been set.
[linbox2 bin]$ export CLASSPATH 
[linbox2 bin]$ export PATH 
[linbox2 bin]$ echo 
[linbox2 bin]$
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This is because you are executing this script. This means that a new shell process is being created, and the variables defined or modified have a scope only in that subshell. The parent process does not inherit child's environment.

Whenever you want to load an variables defined in a given file, you have to source it:

$ source file


$ . file
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You can either copy the CLASSPATH=.... until the end and then into a terminal do

export CLASSPATH=...

Or you can just do the following into a terminal

eval `./ ` # this will set into your environment the CLASSPATH

You can check your environment by doing this

env |grep CLASSPATH # look if it matches on what the ./ sets
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