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Is it possible to have a separate php.ini file that overrides the default php.ini file for each virtual host? I'm running Apache/2.2.14, PHP 5.3.2-1.

For example, I have several vhosts pointing to domains in my /var/www/ directory:


What I'd like is to be able to place a custom php.ini file in each directory that would override the default values only for that vhost, but keep the original defaults if the value isn't specified:


For those interested, I found more info on the topic at How do I set up per-site php.ini files on a LAMP server using NameVirtualHosts?.

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If you're using mod_php, you can override the values you wish in httpd.conf. There are these module directives:

php_value - PHP Value Modifier
php_flag - PHP Flag Modifier
php_admin_value - PHP Value Modifier (Admin)
php_admin_flag - PHP Flag Modifier (Admin)

If not, your best shot is PHP FPM (google it).

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Yeah, I could also use an .htaccess in each vhost root to change the values as well, and from what I've read this is a good way to do it. But I know I've seen some shared-hosting webhosts that allow you to override their php.ini with their own, so there has to be another way to do it right? – Calvin L May 21 '10 at 1:39

Add the PHPINIDir within the VirtualHost tag and point it to the directory your php.ini file that vhost will be using.

<VirtualHost *:80>
PHPINIDir /var/www/web1

grabbed from

Edit 14/04/2010 12:30pm EST: ** Nevermind, this changed the "Loaded Configuration File" for all vhosts. **

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PHPINIDir loads that php.ini for ALL virtual hosts, and not only the one you put it in. I got caught assuming the same :( – alandarev Nov 10 '13 at 14:40

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