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We have a small office that is expanding. At the moment we have 1x HP J6424 MFP, shared using it's built in network port.

It is now becoming a headache, we have daily problems with people not being able to print or scan, and jobs just sitting in the queue. Or the scanner not being detected. Sometimes people can print but not scan, sometimes scan but not print, sometimes a bit of both.

We are also pretty much constantly printing or scanning, or trying to!

I would like to get a laser MFP (mono is fine) which works well for scanning a printing over the network with multiple users. Althernativly any recommendations for network scanners (sheet feed and or duplex a bonus). Clients are Windows 7 and Mac.

Thanks very much!

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I am very happy with a.... Dell 3115cn - recently they offered the new 3335dn.

Good color laser printer, integrated fax, dubplex unit, scanner. We have it on a queue to a windows server, the scanenr sends PDF to users mailboxes. Note: this is just our setup ;)

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PDF to users mailbox sounds perfect! if there are multiple pages being scanned in, does it put them all into one pdf file? – Joeme May 21 '10 at 11:37
Depends on how the user handles it. There is a document feed - if you put 20 pages into it, scan, you get a 20 page document. ONLY limitation: The document feed can only handle one sided documents. I am VERY satisfied with mine - best investment into printers I ever did. Lovely, works like a charm. THe new ones are even better with the large LCD. – TomTom May 21 '10 at 11:45
@TomTom does this thing mount/scan directly to an SMB share or does it require software on the client? – gravyface Mar 5 '12 at 16:09
Even better - it directly emails me a PDF or TIFF. Select user from local address book, scan - pick up email with the scan. Quite handy and good compression on PDF which is waht I pretty much use all the time. NO software required for that on the client, which was a critical point for me. – TomTom Mar 5 '12 at 16:52

Ricoh MP161 is good for me. A successor to the 1515 which was a workhorse. Easy UI for the users, and the toner is cheap. The only drawback is a somewhat limited paper default paper drawer, but that can be expanded.

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We're very happy with our Canon iRC2380i. Xerox also have a ton of MFP products in their portfolio, we have a very old Xerox WorkCentre Pro 2128 still running.

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