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I want to have our network pass out DNS suffixes with the DHCP assignments, so that we don't need to add them to the TCP/IP settings on each computer.

Our DHCP is not being handled by an actual server box, but by our Sonicwall firewall, which is a PRO 2040. Can this firewall be set up to append DNS suffixes?


05/21 13:29 - searching through the manual yields no results about suffixes, which is why I'm hoping maybe someone knows definitely that it cannot be done, or has a way to do it.

05/21 15:53 Our SonicWALL is running SonicOS Standard on ROM SonicROM

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and what does the manual say? – Alnitak May 21 '10 at 16:14
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Don't you have a "Domain Name" textbox on the DNS/WINS tab for the scope configuration? That should do it. otherwise you could specify Option Object #15 (Domain Name) on your scope.

That said, the PRO2040 I have access to is running SonicOS Enhanced (

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It took a little rooting around but this was there. It was under Networking > DHCP then edit the DHCP scope and in there was the DNS/WINS tab. Thanks for the help afrazier! – eidylon May 21 '10 at 20:19

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