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i am publishing my website( by using godaddy's "Total DNS Control". My configuration like this:

1-) I configured my domain to total dns control by setting nameservers to total dns control's. 2-) In total dns control panel i set A host to directly my VPS's ip address. 3-) Also i configured mx records to google apps.

Everythings looks good but i am thinking that is this technuqie has any negative effects ? Thanks

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Sounds perfectly normal to me.

One common mistake in this sort of a situation would be failing to ensure that "" resolves to the same IP address as ""; at the most basic level, this is a A record for "@" (in addition to the one for "www"). It looks like you have already done this.

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According to intodns; you dont have any problem with your dns configuration.

one warning about your MX ip address's have no reverse dns (PTR) record. you need to talk service provider to get a PTR record for your mail exchangers. Many public e-mail provider don't like to get SMTP connection for an ip address without PTR. eg. gmail. or most of time marks mail as spam.

& also Godaddy's dns service is reliable and stable enough. i had been using it more than 3 years with no problem.

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