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This works:

du -cshm .

But this fails:

du -cshg .

How can I see it in unit of GB?

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GNU du has the --block-size option:

du -csh --block-size=1G .

As sajb noted, omitting the block size argument will automatically scale the output (and display the unit). Using any block size argument displays the number but omits the unit.

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Use du -B1073741824 but beware, it gives the result in integer-units only, and won't be meaningful with -h

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In addition to the previous answers, it also seems to differ between different coreutils versions (or locale?), since on my host I get:

$ du -csh .
32G     .
32G     total
$ du --version | head -1
du (GNU coreutils) 7.4
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