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I started an big operation, but I didn't start a screen session, So i can't disconnect without canceling the operation.

Is there a way to inject screen so that the operation continues and sends its output to the screen session and i can safely disconnect my ssh session?

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Short answer is no. Long answer is maybe. Good luck.

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After browsing your "No." link I actually found this answer on serverfault from earl:

However, for your actual problem, there's another thing you could try: after having launched your job from the terminal, background it by typing ctrl-z and then bg. After that, detach the job from it's parent shell - in bash: disown -h %. After that, you can safely close the terminal and the job will continue running.

And this one from the same question from Rob Wells:

$ screen -S my_process
$ retty $(pgrep my_process)

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In the linked question, reptyr worked better than retty for me. retty detached but wasn't able to reattach. – Leons Jul 9 '14 at 21:19

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