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My Apache is installed by yum install apache

And now I'm trying to install subversion server from source following instructions here.

But when I try to configure,get an error:

[root@vps303 subversion-1.6.9]# ./configure
configure: Configuring Subversion 1.6.9
configure: creating config.nice
checking for gcc... gcc
checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out
checking whether the C compiler works... yes
checking for APR... no
configure: WARNING: APR not found
The Apache Portable Runtime (APR) library cannot be found.
Please install APR on this system and supply the appropriate
--with-apr option to 'configure'


get it with SVN and put it in a subdirectory of this source:

   svn co \ \

Run that right here in the top level of the Subversion tree.
Afterwards, run apr/buildconf in that subdirectory and
then run configure again here.

Whichever of the above you do, you probably need to do
something similar for apr-util, either providing both
--with-apr and --with-apr-util to 'configure', or
getting both from SVN with:

   svn co \ \

configure: error: no suitable apr found

How do I get around this problem?

BTW,will both client and server software be installed by compiling from source?

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svnserve is included in the subversion package already, which can also be installed via yum.

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