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How do I configure dnsmasq to only assign addresses on eth0, not wlan0?

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The man page explains it quite nicely. If it's just DHCP you don't want to run on wlan0 then you can use --no-dhcp-interface=wlan0. If you don't want dnsmasq to listen at all on wlan0 then you can use --except-interface=wlan0.

If you only want dnsmasq to listen on eth0 then you can use --interface=eth0.

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Thanks very much! – Delan Azabani May 25 '10 at 12:14

This is also possible from the dnsmasq configuration file, and is documented in Simon Kelley's example file at

# If you want dnsmasq to listen for DHCP and DNS requests only on
# specified interfaces (and the loopback) give the name of the
# interface (eg eth0) here.
# Repeat the line for more than one interface.
# Or you can specify which interface _not_ to listen on
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