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I am attempting to use the IHS 7.0/apache 2.2 SetEnvIf directive to set the filename of a downloaded file based on a url parameter. I think I am pretty close, however if there is a space (encoded or otherwise) in the filename - it fails.

example url: File Name.ext?file-type=foo

apache config:

SetEnvIf Request_URI "^.*file-title\=(.*)\??.*$" FILENAME=$1
Header unset "Content-Disposition"
Header add "Content-Disposition" "attachment; filename=%{FILENAME}e"

An application will specify what is now showing up as "Nice File Title.ext" in the example. This all works great if there are no spaces, however - if there is a space the filename to download will just show up as "Nice". There may or may not be a second set of parameters in the query string (?file-type, etc)

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ok - so leaving the regex alone and changing the Header add did the trick.


to enclose it in quotes. sigh.

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