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I would like to setup a machine with Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Core and install following server roles:

  • Active Directory Domain Services
  • Active Directory Federation Services
  • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (I'm not sure whether I actually need this one - see note below)

I'm obviously going to install Enterprise Edition.


Can I have an AD administration graphical user interface to manage Active Directory on Server Core machine? I would really like to have it, because I'm not so keen to do stuff using power-shell, because I've never managed AD as well, so a GUI would be much more helpful, because I could at least visualize it a bit better and maybe understand AD structures.

Note: I'm setting up development environment machine as well and installing Sharepoint Foundation 2010 on in so it would use this AD machine.

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best bet is to run the the Remote Server Administration tools (RSAT) on a desktop/server in the domain which will allow you to connect to the server core machine remotely & use the GUI tools.

In addition, you might also want to run & install Core Configurator on the core box, which will let you do some basic AD & server admin without having to look up all the commands :)

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This is great information, except that Remote Server Admin tools I will use are for Windows 7 and can be found here: – Robert Koritnik May 25 '10 at 8:55

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