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I'm currently trying to configure sendmail fo the first time and setup a mail server on a small embedded computer ( running a custom linux distribution ).

I'm having an issue with the m4 macros:

I'm trying to convert this:

VERSIONID(`$Id:,v 8.1 1999/09/24 22:48:05 gshapiro Exp $')
define(HELPFILE, `/etc/mail/helpfile')
FEATURE(nouucp, `noscpecial')

to, but all the output I get when running m4 is:

VERSIONID($Id:,v 8.1 1999/09/24 22:48:05 gshapiro Exp $)
FEATURE(nouucp, noscpecial)

Am I doing something wrong?

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You probably forgot to tell the macro processor about the cf.m4 file like this:

m4 /path/to/cf.m4 >
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