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Has anyone installed the Sympa mailing list software on Fedora or CentOS? I am not a huge fan of their instructions on I have installed the program and emails are working, but I can't seem to get the web site to work. Any help or links to a better install guide would be greatly appreciated.

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On my debian site, I have to configure CGI (and fastCGI). Debian provide me a file /etc/apache2/conf.d/sympa with the redirection

ScriptAlias /wws /usr/lib/cgi-bin/sympa/wwsympa.fcgi

Then I can access to the webinterface by http://server/wws I configure the virtualhost with

DirectoryIndex wws

And I can access directly to http://server/ and see the site.

Use FastCGI : it REALLY much faster than cgi !

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I think You can follow this steps:

Before starting those steps, please read following url

Best wishes

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