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Our intranet is hosted using the free SharePoint services on Windows 2003. Consider the following page:


On selecting "Edit with Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer" from IE8, SPD launches, opens the website and then the selected page - all is well.

In order to make moving the intranet easier, we've set-up a DNS setting called so you can also access the intranet that way:

However, when you edit this page, SPD designer prompts you for credential, i.e. domain\username and password. If you enter the details it opens fine. If you don't enter the details, the page still opens but not the website.

Any ideas have to get around this prompt? Haven't a clue where to start looking.

Thanks, Rob.

PS. The same prompt occurs if you use the physical IP address.

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IE uses integrated authenication to provide seamless signon. To prevent you from sending the data out of the network, it will by default only send the integrated authenication handshake within the local network.

will be helpful.

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Thanks for this - pointed me in the right direction. Manually adding as an intranet site in IE8 settings allowed the page to load without a prompt. Cheers, Rob. – Rob Nicholson May 25 '10 at 16:40

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