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I've got an extensive selection of these to add to a spreadsheet and don't want to go through by hand. What it the T-SQL command(s) to generate a list of SQL Server Agent Jobs?

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On each server, you can query the sysjobs table in the msdb. For instance:

SELECT job_id, [name] FROM msdb.dbo.sysjobs;
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Thanks, I think you just beat me to the punch so you get the prize! – alimack May 29 '09 at 14:50
-- List of all the jobs currently running on server
    msdb.dbo.sysjobs job
    msdb.dbo.sysjobsteps steps        
    job.job_id = steps.job_id
    job.enabled = 1 -- remove this if you wish to return all jobs
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Can you format the SQL? – Frank V Oct 26 '09 at 19:16

Here is my contribution - also gets the category name and filters out the report server jobs.

SELECT 'Job Name', 'Category',
        CASE [description]
          WHEN 'No Description available.' THEN ''
          ELSE [description]
        END AS 'Description'
FROM    msdb.dbo.sysjobs
        INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.syscategories ON msdb.dbo.sysjobs.category_id = msdb.dbo.syscategories.category_id
WHERE <> 'Report Server'
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This may be what you are looking for View (and Disable) SQL Agent Jobs with TSQL

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Thanks for the prompt reply, I couldn't actually get it working. I assume this code is SQL Server 2005 and up? – alimack May 29 '09 at 14:00
This is the problem with "answering" a question with little more than a link. The link appears to no longer be valid and thus the "answer" is now pretty much useless... – mutex Jun 25 '14 at 3:24

My boss actually sorted out what I was after - this gave me the list I was after.

USE msdb SELECT name FROM sysjobs

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