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Hi I have recently purchased a domain from go daddy, now I am looking for a cheap windows hosting. Following are my requirements

  1. Shared Windows hosting
  2. Should be cheap in price
  3. Should have at least one SQL server Db and one mysql db.
  4. Should support atleast 3.5 and php
  5. Will be good if it has support for mvc (no problem even if it is not available also)
  6. Should be able to install third party blog sites.
  7. Bandwidth, total space and performance are not very important.
  8. Silverlight is also an added advantage (no problem even if it is not available also).
  9. There should be no advertisement or banner added by the hosting company in the site.
    1. Should have support for subdomains
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You have a need for Windows shared hosting, obviously by your #4. Why not use Godaddy's?

I never recommend Godaddy for hosting, but if you must have windows, its pretty inexpensive there..

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For someone that never recommends Godaddy, you sure look like you just recommended Godaddy. – MDMarra Jun 3 '10 at 17:58

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