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I use MAMP PRO as global webserver. First of all, is it a good idea? Secondly, my objective is to run a Drupal website with as easy management as possible. Now I want to use Plugin Manager module to install additional modules and themes for my website. It wants to use ftp for that, and I know that if I open access to FTP port then IT-department guys will come to me and ask to shut it down. So I wonder if there is a way to allow Plugin Manager to install modules, having the port 21 closed somehow?

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No, MAMP is not secure as a global webserver. You can do things to make it more secure, but in general, it is not out of the box. It is designed to provide a development environment for web developers.

Not knowing much about Plugin Manager, I downloaded it and I see there's an so it may be possible to use ssh rather than ftp.

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