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I have a simple home network with Windows 7 machines and Linux machines (Fedora 12 and 13). I'd like to be able to resolve the Linux machine names from the windows machine. For example:

-- Windows 7 ping mylinuxmachine

Currently this does not resolve. Any ideas?

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If you don't have a DNS server on your network (e.g. from your router), then you need to enable the Samba service and open up the NetBIOS ports (137-139) in your firewalls. The Fedora Firewall tools already have a default entry set up for this (may be described as something to do with "Windows File Sharing").

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More specifically, NetBIOS name resolution is done by the nmbd daemon of Samba. (If you only need name resolution but don't want the Linux box to act as a SMB server, it is possible to disable smbd.) –  grawity May 27 '10 at 20:22

Rather than messing with Samba and the NetBIOS name service, I prefer to add the name to %SYSTEMDIR%\drivers\etc\hosts. The format and function of this file is identical to /etc/hosts on Linux. So you would add something like:  mylinuxmachine

Of course this works best if you assign static (or pseudo-static) IP addresses. By pseudo-static I mean the client uses DHCP, but the MAC address is stored in the DHCP server so that it always gives out the same IP address. You can still do this and have normal dynamic IP addresses for other hosts, just make sure to not assign any static addresses that fall in the dynamic range.

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