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I am using a virtual server on Media Temple running CentOS 5 and Pleak 8.6.0, I have done all their security recommendations and more some, blocking everything except http and mail, string passwords and running Rootkit Hunter daily.

But i'm thinking I should run a antivirus of some sort? I'm still new to Linux CentOS security so please forgive :)... Can you recommend a good antivirus/antispyware software for CentOS 5 and Plesk 8.6.0? I've been searching for some plesk modules and have come across a few like Kaspersky, not sure which one to use...

Any tips on security would be good too.


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you could install ClamAV depending on what you are concerned about. there are very few virii in the wild that target linux systems. this is not necessarily how it will always be, but the risk is fairly minimal.

something like rkhunter and chkrootkit run regularly (like you already said you do), are a pretty good start. other solutions like tripwire and snort can be used to detect intrusions and intrusion attempts on your server.

if you want AV for scanning mail, then ClamAV will work fine for that, as it mostly scans for windows virii.