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I'm looking to store some data online but I want to encrypt the files first. Since I understand that sFTP will only encrypt the transmission of the data, I'm wondering what program others use to encrypt their files prior to sFTPing them to a backup server.


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GNU Privacy Guard is a good choice, if the keys are also secured.

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encrypting with gpg is as easy as gpg --recipient file-to-encrypt creating your public/private keypair is also quite simple, and more than likely outlined on the gpg homepage Ignacio has linked you to. – cpbills May 29 '10 at 6:23

Also Bcrypt is a free Blowfish implementation. 448-bit encryption, cross-platform compatible, very easy to compile from scratch, or most distro have a package, and there's a Win32 download on the website.

It's password based, so no key files to hang on to. Just don't pick a really bad password.

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Although PGP is a commercial product (GPG is an opensource implementation of PGP), you might find that one of the free, older versions works.

Chris beat me to something I was going to suggest: if you use PGP or GPG, and you can use conventional encryption where you pick a password or passphrase to encrypt the files with instead of setting up public/private keys.

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