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I have a dv server with media temple and the plesk firewall module is causing a tonne of grief, it use to work, not anymore... unable to edit firewall rules through the module etc.

Does uninstalling this module, what i assume is known as the psa-firewall service prevent the firewall to work? its running centos 5 and the firewall looks to be iptables.

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that is just the package for plesk to interface with iptables with.. removing that and your firewall will still run.. to turn off your firewall

service iptables stop

if you don't want it to run on reboot

chkconfig iptables off
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Iptables isn't a service, it can't be stopped, it's built into the kernel, you can just configure it to pass all traffic – Kedare Nov 2 '11 at 16:37
you are sort of correct.. but in redhat/centos it has a init.d script when stopped flushes the rules and unloads the module. Also it can be done via chkconfig so iptables rules are never loaded – Mike Nov 2 '11 at 20:58

check the clean link by IgorG from parallels :)

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