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I have changed the apache2.conf so that my website requires authentication.

This works fine when typing the adress like this: or my_ip/

Problem is, I have Solr, which admin interface is on port 8983, so this:

does not require authorization.

How can I add this port to also be authorized?


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I am not an expert with Solr, but it seems to me that this admin interface is not being served through your configured apache instance. From what I see, Solr has built-in tomcat for this purpose. Have you checked the Solr wiki / documentation? You will need to configure tomcat to require authentication for this url.

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in fact there is no option for authentication on ports. you need to know where is the documentroot of solr in file system. & you can handle a basic authentication realm on that directory.

here is a complete guide to get it working, just find the directory of Solr's documentroot.

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