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I have solr setup with Jetty on my Ubuntu server.

On any computer now, I can type my_ip:8983/solr/ and the page will show upp to anybody.

How can I disable this so that only I can access that port and the solr admin?


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You best option is to to configure a firewall rule to prevent connections based on source. You can restrict what ips update the index in the config or enable authentication but neither of thes options give you what you are asking.

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IP address restriction is not an acceptable solution, one would like to manage Solr from a dynamic IP which is allocated by my ISP.

It can be done via tomcat.

In etc/webdefault.xml add this inside the <web-app> block:

      <web-resource-name>Solr Administration</web-resource-name>

  <realm-name>Solr Administration</realm-name>

tried it and it works. thanks Chris Adams http://acdha.tumblr.com/post/207608584/jetty-solr-password-cheatsheet

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