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I'm trying to install imageMagick but i've got practically zero server knowledge,

i don't get what this means:

You can easily install Imagemagick on a cPanel by using cPanel script.

/scripts/installimagemagick will do it for you.

what is this /scripts business, where do i type it? do i type it? what's this all about?!!!


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That is referencing a directory on your server - scripts - which contains a number of different cPanel utility scripts. You would usually execute these scripts from the command line if you have shell access. Depending on your PHP configuration you may also be able to call that script like this:


If you're not comfortable with either of these things then i would recommend getting an admin from your hosting company to do this for you, or use GD which likely will be installed.

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thanks seengee, that's exactly what i was after –  Haroldo May 30 '10 at 21:13
if it works for you, please click the tick to accept the answer :) –  seengee May 30 '10 at 21:20

Note that running /scripts is intended to be done via SSH. Some scripts require input, which can be tricky to handle via a PHP script running as user root.

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