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I'm trying to mount an NFS share on our NetApp SAN on Windows 2008 R2 & services for NFS. Using XP I have no problem mounting this share without a username/NIS/pswd file etc, but the new functionality in 2008 seems to insist on either using AD or an NIS server (to "streamline" Services for NFS MS removed user account mapping) see Technet.

  1. When I go to map the share using "map network drive" no combination of "root", no username, no password, my username works.
  2. Using the command line mount -o anon \\172... :n or mount -o -u:root \\172... :n either gives me a network error 53 or 67 error

Is it possible with 2008 to mount an NFS share without AD or NIS? If so what am I doing wrong?

(Security is taken care off by IP address permissions and VLANs)

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