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I have a blog hosted on Community Server 2.1 (old version). I want to transfer it to WordPress (.com).

I have tried exporting it to the BlogML format, but it failed with an exception.

I saved a copy of the full RSS feed, by setting the # of posts to show to a huge number, save, then lower it back. I have all images and do not mind having to upload and rename them one by one.

There must be a way to read that RSS file and either directly import it into WordPress, or for a more complicated path, transform it with the proper XSLT into the BlogML (or other) format, to import it into WordPress?

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Tools->Import->RSS under version 2.9.2 of WordPress will get you where you want to go. Files must be <7MB in size to work.

Be aware: WordPress 3.0 is right around the corner and the importers are being stripped out and turned into plugins, so these instructions may well not work for versions of WordPress >= 3.0.

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