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I'm trying to configure my Mac Mini running CentOS 5.5 to start automatically when power is restored after a power loss. I understand the following command has to be executed:

setpci -s 0:1f.0 0xa4.b=0

When I run that command on my machine though I get bash: setpci: command not found. Is there a package I need to install via yum or something? I'm not seeing a clear answer via Google and I looked at the man page for setpci and it doesn't mention anything.

Also, does this command need to be run every time the machine starts or just once?

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The problem in my case is that I was connected to the server via SSH as a non-root user and when I executed su to run the setpci command I didn't not run su with the - modifier. This caused my root users environment variables not to be included and caused the setpci command to fail.

Executing su - instead of su fixed my problem.

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