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Most of our company assets are offsite. Everyone either works at home or onsite at a customer. Most asset management/audit/remote control software concentrate on company LAN based assets. We don't need an NMS as we use OpenNMS in the internal network.

I was thinking of something like Altiris Client Management Suite but since everything is connected to the internet a SaaS based solution sounds like the ways to go. LogMeIn Central looks ok but not that comprehensive.

What do you guys use?

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What are you trying to accomplish? How is LogMeIn not comprehensive ? Have you considered running a "normal" solution in a DMZ or externally hosted? – Gepeto Feb 11 '11 at 22:56

I'm keeping a eye on Microsoft's new Windows Intune service for this purpose

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Labtech does all you need. You can deploy in-house, or as a SaaS.

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