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I'm trying to find out. I can't seem to find a defenitive yes / no answers so I thought I'd ask the ServerFault community this simple question:

Does XenServer (in any version) support Storage migration such as VMWare's Storage VMotion capability, or Hyper-V's storage migration ?

I'm trying to do a comparative study of all platforms but I can't find a website (preff. Citrix supported or any other "legit" source) where it say's a defenitive yes or no.

Anyone able to answer this one for me ?

Cheers !

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The short answer is no.

There's a bit of a comparison between XenServer and VMware here. Pretty much the same doc here, but with a pretty table, and ticks in boxes.

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Old question, but new answer... Yes, as of V6.1 it does.

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