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I have a headless machine running Ubuntu Server. I would like to clone an existing windows xp install to a virtual machine then run that virtual machine on the linux box. I would then like to use windows RDC to log into the windows virtual machine running on the linux headless box.

Is this possible?

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Yes it is possible. – d-_-b Jun 3 '10 at 22:41

Yes, this is possible. You'll need to

  • Clone the existing partition and convert it to a VM image. This will depend on the VM you use, for e.g. VirtualBox it's like this:
  • install VM on the server, transfer VM image to the server
  • start VM on server

As to how to connect to it, RDC is one option (if you have an XP version that supports it); most VMs also have their own technology (see e.g. for VirtualBox).

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