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Is there a tool for Apache comparable to Microsoft's II LogParser?

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You don't mention whether your Apache build is under Windows/Linux/Unix/OS X etc... That might narrow down the suggestions to those most suited for your application. – Aaron Copley Oct 26 '10 at 16:56

If you want to have not "a comparable", but "the same" LogParser with the same syntax, then use the very same MS LogParser 2.2 against the Apache logs. It works just the same... And it doesn't need 'installation' -- works directly from an USB stick too.

BTW, said MS LogParser is not a specific IIS LogParser. It also parses all kinds of logfiles, it parses the Windows Registry, Active Directory objects, the Windows eventlogs, generic XML/CSV/TSV formatted text files (FTP, Firewall, SMTP, Exchange, ... logs), Network Monitor capture (.cap) files, and much more.

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If you want something more free-softwarey, analog is very fast and very, very good.

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Check out AWStats. I can't comment on it's similarity to the Microsoft tool, though. (So I probably shouldn't even post this answer.)

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