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I'm encountering a problem on a sever with two ethernet interfaces(etho and eth1), it runs linux-ubuntu-server. I need eth1 not make any dhcp request, becouse I need it to be only a listening interface, obviusly I need eth0 running normally. So how can i disable any dhcpclient ation over eth1?

thank in advance.

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Something like:

auto lo eth0 eth1

iface lo inet loopback

iface eth1 inet static

in your /etc/network/interfaces config file will assign your eth1 a static IP address.

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I need eth1 to be mute, no IP at all, probably i could set in /etc/network/interfaces address to – Lopoc Jun 4 '10 at 9:15
@Lopoc: If you want eth1 to be disabled completely, you may try to leave only interfaces you need to be up in /etc/network/interfaces: auto lo eth0. If you want your interface to reject all incoming connections you may use iptables, ipfw. – Yasir Arsanukaev Jun 4 '10 at 9:36

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