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I have linux apache mysql and php server. My website uses the php mail() function and the server's postfix server to email other people.

I successfully installed SPF and DKIM on my server to reduce the likelihood of my website's email-outs from ending up in people's spam boxes.

In my research, I stumbled on Domain Keys which seems to be a "historical" version of DKIM. Do the big web mail services like Google, Yahoo and Hotmail still use Domain Keys? If not, then maybe I don't need to install it?

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DKIM is sufficient and includes Domain Keys as part of its specification. If you're running DKIM and signing outgoing mail, you're in a good position.

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Wrong, DKIM and DomainKeys are different. Yahoo uses Domainkeys so I recommend to install it. Find instructions here Postfix with DKIM, Domainkeys, SPf and Sender-ID

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