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Has anyone been able to get BZR working on a mounted AFT or SMB mounted share? I've tried both (The AFP volume is actually coming off an Xserver.) and neither work. I have BZR 2.0.0 and am running it on a Mac with 10.5. I keep getting an error like this

bzr: ERROR: Could not acquire lock "/Volumes/joeserver/Documents/bzr/remote_test/.bzr/checkout/dirstate": [Errno 45] Operation not supported

I googled around a bit but only found a fairly stale (2007) bug report on (Bug #313625 to be specific.) Any ideas?

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Finally gave up on bazaar and used Mercurial instead. It doesn't seem to mind working off a shared volume. – Dan Berlyoung Oct 4 '10 at 15:49

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