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I'm about to deploy a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine with the Hyper V role. I'd like to get away from having to use a network management card with my APC UPS as I'm only shutting down 1 server (it just seems like an unneeded point of failure). I'd like to look into using apcupsd instead.

  1. Will this work properly if I use a serial connection?
  2. Have you got it working yourself?
  3. How is the SNMP monitoring? I really like being able to easily monitor my UPS with SNMP when powerchute is installed. Will I be sacrificing this completely?
  4. Is the network management card really the way to go with this? If so, why?

Bonus question: Is there a better UPS out there that I should be recommending in the future?

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Unfortunately, no responses on this. So I just tested it out myself. Here's my results:

  1. This will work properly. You must use a serial connection. USB is not going to work.
  2. Yes I got it working and am now using it for a couple of installs with no problems. I also tested it out in a lab and shutdown worked perfectly
  3. No SNMP monitoring. This is rather unfortunate. The only way to use any SNMP monitoring software like Nagios is to have a network management card installed or use the PowerChute
  4. I really don't see a whole lot of reasons to use a network management card if you're only working with one server. I could be missing something though.

Another note: Make sure you set Hyper V to shutdown DCs on shutdown instead of suspend them. Otherwise, your clocks are messed up for a few minutes following a power restore. Machines other than DCs should not have this problem as they should be syncing their time from the Hyper V server.

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+1, Also I know you only have 1 host; but if you have DCs on another computer ever, and you suspend/save a VM DC, it can cause major problems in AD replication and you can end up with mild corruption. – Chris S Jul 6 '10 at 2:04
I'm not so sure suspending a DC can cause corruption in most instances. Microsoft only seems to mention corruption caused by pausing it for longer than the tombstone period (90 or 180 days). I've seen other mentions elsewhere that say you shouldn't pause but never seen a reason why. Hmmmmm...maybe it's a good ServerFault question -… – Jason Berg Jul 6 '10 at 21:55

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