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i have done a simple c# website that have a lot of pics (3000+).
i want to publish the full website online.
all i know is that i have to first buy a domain name, and then buy some space on a webhosting server.
could anybody guide me? how much does a domain name usually cost? and also how should i upload the website on a hosting server? i mean should i upload the full code?

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A .com domain name can cost around £10 a year at some sites. Check out domain name websites like godaddy.com for more details on pricing.

You can also buy web hosting from these sites, which is more expensive generally. I recently bought some space on a server fro around £50 for two years. This is pretty good value for money.

With regards to publishing your .net project online, check out this article on MDSN. I'm not quite sure what you're looking for, but I think this is what you meant. Bascially you want to publish your app to a folder and then upload that folder to your web hosting server with an FTP program like FileZilla. You don't need to upload the code, although you can.

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You can buy a domain from almost anybody as domain registration costs almost the same. However for support etc, you might look for one which is physically nearer to you. Hosting cost depends on what features you wish to have. You can look for different service providers.

For uploading, you may or may not opt to upload the code. If you wish to upload without the code, just do a publishing of the precompiled website to a folder in your machine and then upload (using ftp) the same to your hosting space.

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