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I got a new raid card for a R410 server since the S300 that came with it doesn't support raid with Linux (No work around for this if SAS from what I could find). The new card is the SAS H200.

Anyways, the RAID card has 2 pins on it and there is a cable that that connects to a 4 pin connection on the riser. The cable only has two wires, one black and one red. On the board of the raid card to the pin connection says "j_sas_act".

What is this cable for? My guess would be maybe LED status for the front panel or something like that, but I am just guessing....

To the left of the SAS connectors (1) there is the two pin Connector. It is in the sketch below.

alt text

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j = jumper
sas = serial attached SCSI
act = action

This is an operation LED cable

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It's quite hard to answer if you don't tell the card's manufacturer and model and/or post a picture of it... my guess would be the same as yours, as with two pins you really can't do much more than lighting a LED; but it's just a guess.


"j_sas_act" really looks like an activity LED. Howewer, it's not documented anywhere... this is all I was able to find:

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Sorry, card is the H200. – Kyle Brandt Jun 8 '10 at 13:22

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