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I was backuping data on an 1Gb hard drive with DPM 2010. This disk died but I replace it with another 1Gb hard drive.

But I don't find how to recreate data structure on this new drive from previous protection group.

Protection group were red. I delete the disk in "administration > disks", now protection group are green but they don't save data and I can't see any menu to change the disk destination.

how to do ?


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The previous answer is nice when you have previous disk which is working and want to migrate on another and copy previous replica.

In the case you want to replace a failed hard disk I found a command to do that.

First, add the new disk to storage pool in administration tab and then remove the failed drive.

then start powershell dpm command and type :

DPMSYNC -Reallocatereplica

This will recreate replica on the new drive of the storage pool.

hope it help some.

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After this command all replicas will be mark as "manual replica creation pending". To correct this just relaunch a consistency check on all replicas. – Dragouf May 23 '11 at 7:50

You will need to use the MigrateDatasourceDataFromDPM.ps1 PowerShell command in the DPM shell. More details on the command are available on Techent -

The command would be similar to this:

$disk = Get-DPMDisk –DPMServerName DPMTestServer 
./MigrateDatasourceDataFromDPM.ps1 –DPMServerName DPMTestServer –Source $disk[0] –Destination $disk[1]

However, I would first run get-dpmdisk -dpmservername myserver to determine which disks you are going to use. For example, first disk listed would be $disk[0] in the above command, and the third disk would be $disk[2].

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I believe this will work:

  1. Under Management -> Disks tab, add the new disk.
  2. Under Protection -> Right click the protection group, Modify Disk Allocation

DPM Disk(s) should be redundant; DPM's D2D backup wasn't designed for very small environments where you have a single non-redundant disk.

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I tried that but I can't do nothing in this window. Even if the new disk is present under "Management -> Disks tab". here is the screen shot of the "Modify Disk Allocation" window (the ui is in french) : – Dragouf Jun 8 '10 at 14:29

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