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Using Entity Framework 4 with stored procedures and SQL Server 2008 SP1... When running SQL Server Profiler (TSQL_SPs template), the lines that show my stored procedure call and its statements say that they executed in DatabaseID = 1 (Master) but it is actually happening in my application database (ID = 8). The procedures execute properly and return the data, and they only exist in my application database, so why does Profiler mark those lines as being in Master? Is this a bug in Profiler? Is it a bug in EF4?

Note that running the same code against a SQL 2000 instance, Profiler correctly shows the application's database ID.

UPDATE: I have now tested this on a new installation of SQL Server 2008 R2 and it still displays this as if it happened in Master.

UPDATE 2: This has been logged to Connect at

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Learned a work-around from Olaf Tinnemeyer on StackOverflow: Changing the MultipleActiveResultSets option in the Connection String to FALSE causes Profiler to properly report the query as being executed in the application database.

I still think this is a bug in SQL 2008, but I can live with the work-around for now.

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