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BES only syncs the last 30 days worth of calendar appointments.

I need to change this to sync more than 30 days, e.g. 6 months for example.

I read a workaround which involves disabling the wireless sync, syncing with the Blackberry Desktop software and then re-enabling the wireless sync. This would not work, as the 30 day setting would still apply to calendar appointments going forwards.

How can I set BES up to sync more than 30 days worth of calendar appointments?

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I do not believe this is possible with the current releases of BES. I think the only option is what you mentioned in your question. You can try the solution through the Blackberry desktop application here however it may not hold the effect for your wireless sync.

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I am runing BES 5.0 and BES Express 5.0 and can tell you that our calendars definately sync beyond 30 days.

What version of BES are you using?

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