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I have a network that connects 2 households and would like to setup a simple voip server so that I can call between the houses.

It needs to be for ubnutu , I have used the free 3CX system and while it works brilliantly it doesnt support linux and I can get a windows box.

The users will never need to call external lines. They will only make 'calls' between laptops/pc.

Can someone please make a recommendation and maybe even a tutorial that I can follow

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You can use asterisk with only SIP or IAX2 protocolos.

apt-get install asterisk vim /etc/asterisk/sip.conf <--- add users here vim /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf <--add dialplan here

so basic setup: add user to sip.conf with field

context = mydialpan
context = mydialplan

Then edit extensions.conf like:

exten => 1001,Dial(SIP/user1)
exten => 1002,Dial(SIP/user2)

then connect with some softphone like xlite/ekiga to asterisk and dial 1001 or 1002 to connect with correct user.

here is some useful link

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Thanks this is perfect , its exactly what i wanted minus the bulk , i would give this answer more rep if i could. – RC1140 Jun 12 '10 at 9:00

With the latest Ubuntu desktop and Empathy, you should be able to do chat/voice/video in the local network without any server, by creating a "People nearby" account.

Alternatively, I suggest creating a Jabber/XMPP server, and look for a cross-platform (or not, depending on your needs) client that has Voice support.

Here is the official documentation of Ubuntu Server to install jabberd2.

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Why not use Skype or another application of that type?

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