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I just got a really good deal on two Intel Quad Core Xeon L5420 processors and I have access to other deals on bare IBM servers (case+motherboard, no processor/ram/hdd). How can I easily find out what server or motherboard models will be compatible with this processor? I am ideally looking for a dual-processor motherboard and I see that it is socket LGA771.

So I guess the underlying question is, how can I find what IBM motherboards (and servers) have dual socket LGA 771?

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Do you really mean actual branded IBM hardware? Or do you just mean X86? – Satanicpuppy Jun 10 '10 at 15:35
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Intel Xeon L5420 is known on IBM systems as 44E5133.

This compatibility matrix indicates that at least ibm x3650 supports this processor (as it is provided w/ model 7979)

Ibm says that it has been tested, and so it works. But maybe other server models with similar processors could accept the L5420.

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