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I know that VMware ships a vmware-mount utility with its server 2 packages on Linux that allow you to mount a VMDK outside a vm and treat it as a normal filesystem mounted on the given mountpoint. Is there a method for accomplishing something similar in OpenSolaris that does not require converting to a raw image and then back?

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Found the solution I was looking for quite a while ago, however forgot to post it on here.

vdfuse is a fuse module that will mount virtual disks as a block device. filesystems on these devices can then be mounted provided you have the correct driver available on your system.

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VirtualBox runs under OpenSolaris and can use VMDK images. Assuming your VMDK contains a normal Linux filesystem (ext2/ext3/ext4/xfs/reiserfs/etc) just create a new VM in VirtualBox with your VMDK attached and boot a Linux liveCD iso. From there you should be able to mount the filesystem.

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