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Anyone got a good product for Usage Reporting for a NetScreen Firewall.

I went looking for Webtrends Firewall Suite but it appears to have disappeared into the NetIQ product line up.

I am going to try out ManageEngine (I think is also AdventNet)'s Firewall Log Analyzer.

But wanted to know if anyone had any good recommendations.




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I kicked off an evaluation with ManageEngine. – Rob Bergin Jun 1 '09 at 0:22
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I work at NetIQ and can confirm that WebTrends Firewall Suite became NetIQ Firewall Suite back in 2001, it was subsequently sold to Marshal ( in 2006. I believe you would now be looking at Marshal8e6 Security Reporting Center.

Regards David

Very cool - thanks for that - I had looke briefly at Marshal and will look at it again - they appear to have two products - 8e6 Professional Edition and WebMarshal - not sure which one was Security Reporting Center - I will give them a call. – Rob Bergin Jun 16 '09 at 15:51

Having asked this question before, the resounding answer was to enable Counting on the interfaces of interest. However, I didn't find it very nice to look at or easy to digest.

Yeah that would show IO by bytes (similar to MRTG or PRTG graphing the bandwidth - but not the usage (FTP vs. HTTP, etc). – Rob Bergin Jun 7 '09 at 17:31

The Netscreen SNMP MIB includes counters for all interfaces and policies, so you should be able to graph them using Cacti or a similar SNMP monitoring product. (I haven't implemented policy graphs yet myself, or I would have linked to them.)


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