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I have a folder on my site which contains admin files and I've added basic auth following a little unwanted attention. This works fine however a couple of the admin functions won't work through basic auth as they handle file uploads and so I want to exclude these files from the auth. It shouldn't have any security implications as any rogue user wouldn't be able to access the pages that could create a session to use these functions.

I am using the following basic code to exclude a file:

<FilesMatch "(index.php\/myadminfolder\/myurl\/myaction/someotherstuff?)$">
Satisfy Any
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
Deny from none

The URL exclusion is not working.

The URL to exclude is in the form:


What is the correct URL string to add to FilesMatch to exclude any files that start with the pattern of index.php/directory/subdirectory/action - regardless of what comes after action?



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I suppose the file index.php/directory/subdirectory/action/uniqueid/blah does not really exist. There is probably only an index.php file to which you append /directory/subdirectory/action/uniqueid/blah as PATH_INFO.

Try using Location/LocationMatch instead of Files/FilesMatch.

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Like joschi said, you should use <LocationMatch></LocationMatch> instead. Also, I don't think you need to escape /s in ...Match directives.

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