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New to servers, been hovering on http://highscalability.com/ for some days. Most of the architectures there show that people are using squid for proxy. Apache also provided mod_proxy which to a noob eye seems pretty much the same. Is there a perticular reason to opt for squid instead of mod_proxy?


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Not so much an answer, but see varnish-cache.org as well. –  McJeff Jun 14 '10 at 14:05

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it's the same, but with a lot better suited architecture.

since you don't run applications on Squid, all code is reviewed with the same goal: serve from cache, or get out of the way.

also, it's event-driven, and single-threaded; giving the best performance / resource utilization ratios.

of course, there's also Varnish and Nginx.... both claim to be even better (i'm really impressed by Nginx)

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