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I've found one way so far: less +G filename, but it's scroll up only with up key line by line. What's more powerful less usages which provide scrolling by page, pattern search backward and so on?

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I'm sure someone else has a better answer, but

With "less" after you've opened the file:

G goes to the bottom of the file

^b goes up one page

? searches backwards.

As you said, you can open the file with +G and then use ? and ^b to scroll up. There are likely clever awk things you can do to achieve the same thing in a script.

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Ctrl-b works, but b (by itself) also does. –  Dennis Williamson Jun 16 '10 at 13:31
Oops! I'm so conditioned to use vi keys that I just use those in less as well. Yes -- b moves you up a page in less, but only backwards one word at a time in vi. I'm impatient; I want a page at a time, and my walnut sized brain can't remember if I'm in vi or less sometimes... –  chris Jun 16 '10 at 14:06

For variety, if you actually want/need to read a file backwards (last line first):

tac filename | less
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That's mostly a linux / gnuism... –  chris Jun 16 '10 at 13:58

w goes up by page. ? does reverse search. h brings up online help.

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less your file, then type 'h' => you get a nice per-operation manual. Very neat, no need for external guides or the manpage IMO.

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I don't see how this adds to the already accepted answer. –  Reaces Jan 21 at 15:00

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