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I have one website with modx installed to www.website.com/modx/ --- Keep in mind there are other Websites In Progress on this storage server. My issue is that I'm moving all this: templates, template variables, chunks, snippets, etc to another server that already has modx installed in it.

My first instinct is to go to phpMyAdmin and export the sql file and import them to the new website's server. However, an error occurred when I attempted to do this. It had found many duplicates in fields that were associated a PK (due to it being the same website just a redesign).

I don't have to go and dump the table of the oldsite and then upload the new sql file do i?

Please advise.

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Not sure if it's best practice and assumes both sites are running the same modx revision but I've been able to in the past simply go to the the target server's modx manager page, clear the cache, kick any currently logged in users then log out myself, not just closing the window, after which proceed to the phpmyadmin page of the destination server, drop all the tables (with a backup of course), and upload the dump from the old location. You'll need to manually move any custom resources you have referenced in your chunks or templates to the new server of course.

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Depending on what version of ModX you are running, you can try one of the following:




And yes do definitely clear cache, that will cause more headaches then necessary!

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While I have limited experience using MODx, I have over a decade of experience migrating websites. Generally speaking, the two servers could seems similar but can be very different. There are dozens or even hundreds of variable settings that can prevent your old installation from working on the new server.

That being said, MODx seems to provide pretty straightforward instructions on how to migrate from one server to another:

  1. Basic MODx Revolution migration
  2. Moving from Windows server to LAMP (or vice versa)

The method you're using seems to incorporate some of the steps of the above, but you are missing a few key steps. Try one of the above links to assist you.

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Welcome to Serverfault! Since links break over time it would be best if you could include relevant bits from the links. That way if they ever change other who see this answer in the future can also benefit from the info. –  squillman Dec 11 '14 at 17:11

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