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I have a web app which is extended to extranet for our clients to access. We have setup a different AD server and domain for dmz and clients have to be authenticated against that domain. I'm little confused about the setup especially what all web.config files I have to update.

Do I have to update the web.config file for Central admin site and the extended web app. According to this blog I need to do update both, but as soon as I make the changes in the web.config for central admin, central admin site stops working. Here is what I added to the central admin web.config file

between /Sharepoint and system.web I have this

 <add name="DMZConnectionString"
    connectionString= "LDAP://dmz.xxx.com:389/OU=Clients,DC=dmz,DC=xxx,DC=com "/>

Between system.web and securityPolicy

<membership defaultProvider=”DMZADProvider“>
            System.Web, Version=,
            Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a" />

I know the connectionusername and password works becuase I use the same in SSP for importing profiles. Any idea what might be causing the error?

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