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Sometimes, users move folders from share. They're need "write" access to write file to share. How to prevent folder lossing?

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Denying "delete" permission is silly if the users have "write" permission. – Evan Anderson Jun 17 '10 at 11:59

On the ntfs you can grant write permissions, and deny delete folders, delete files.

You can also set this for the folder, folder and files, subfolders and files.

Is this what you mean?

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Read this page, I guess it help you.

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Best answer I've seen (bottom of this thread):

DENY the "Delete Subfolder & Files", "Delete", and "Create Folders / Append Data" and Apply to "This Folder and subfolders" to the usergroup. Then do another [advanced permissions entry] for that user group and set everything to allow except full control, change permission and take ownership and apply it to "This folder, subfolder, and files."

That effectively prevents a user from creating/deleting folders but they can do whatever they want with files.

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